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Using Old and New For The Perfect Marketing Method

Using Old and New For The Perfect Marketing Method

Technology continues to develop apace and innovations like AI and machine learning are trailblazers in multiple markets. What’s more, a new OECD study suggests that only 14% of jobs are highly automatable, meaning less jobs than previously thought will be lost. For marketing, this is great news – the industry is clearly inherently human-based, and technology could be working with rather than instead of professionals.


What does this mean for marketing strategies of the future? The challenge as ever is to find out what people want, and giving it to them. In the information age, effective and precise marketing is a case of mixing old school tricks with new technology.

The challenge as ever is to find out what people want, and giving it to them. #marketing #business #entrepreneur Click To Tweet

The impact of SEO

SEO is one of the many threads that pull together the internet marketing and sales landscape. The latest figures collated by the US Census Bureau from February 2018 outline that $119bn was spent online in the end quarter of 2017, and an overall retail market share of over 11%. With this figure rising every year, it is absolutely fundamental that you have great visibility in the right places online. But what constitutes an effective SEO marketing strategy? The best way to be effective is through mixing old and new methods. Link building, for instance, remains one of the premier methods of increasing your visibility and getting your marketing message across, but is also time-honored. Conversely, using new tech like automated marketing increases consistency and allows for targeted SEO programs to be completed with the minimum of fuss.

Link building, for instance, remains one of the premier methods of increasing your visibility and getting your marketing message across, but is also time-honored. #marketing #business #entrepreneur Click To Tweet

Networking is Still Valuable

Marketing is a people business. The end goal is to get your product in the hands of another person. The information age is pushing us more towards impersonal relationships, however, what with the explosion of digital text-based communication and shyness towards verbal communication. This has helped to provide a useful aspect, though. With automated marketing dominating the landscape, the power of a one-to-one conversation has been emphasized. Whether through modern communication apps or emails, a non-spam like marketing campaign can bring great results, firmly placing ‘old’ methods in a modern marketing strategy.

Interruption versus permission

An area where perhaps there is a fine balance to be made, interruption versus permission centers around a key divide old and new marketing methods. When the only way to market was through face, phone, or paper, and even then in limited stints, it became necessary to practice push marketing. Adverts are a great example, as they interrupt your desired viewing. Permission based marketing, conversely, attempts to gently coax a potential customer, by offering to sign up for competitions, email campaigns, and so on. A blend of the two can be effective for a marketing strategy. Non-intrusive ad campaigns and emails can help to provide the hook, but easing off those methods and transferring to the newer permission culture once you have the ‘in’ will lower costs, and increase sales, according to experts with the Houston Chronicle.

The internet and technology have opened a lot of doors, but they haven’t closed the old ones. Outdated as they may seem, pen, paper, and conventional one-on-one marketing can be as effective as ever. Combined with new-age technology, and you could have a winning strategy.


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