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Financial Armor

Financial Armor

Financial Armor

Editor’s Note: We are happy to have Debra Hegler on the blog today. She is a radio talk show host and focuses on finances. I found good advice in Debra’s post and thought that you might as well, I hope you enjoy it. 

Financial Armour

  1. Loins girt about the truth-Get all the information, balance your checkbook, know the condition of your flocks, what are your credit card balances, How much are your bills, Have a budget.
  2. Breastplate of Righteousness-Make sure all $$ comes from legitimate places, No gray success1-srb-1237575-640x480areas, partner with the Lord in finances: pay your tithes on the gross, give to poor without grudging, spend on righteous things: food, shelter, make sure entertainment is not shady, no lottery, casinos, strip clubs, shopping for entertainment, showing off stash of cash.
  3. Feet shod in the preparation of peace-call the utility companies with the expectation of a long wait and be pleasant, peaceful, courteous, respectful. Be prepared for peace not ready for a fight. Pray while on hold if you have to in order to act like God’s child when you get someone on the line.
  4. Above all-Shield of faith: Know that God will provide for you, He always has! You may get ripped off from time to time but your Father in Heaven is rich beyond measure. He’ll give you more. Have faith that HE will avenge people who harm his children. Have faith HE will reward you.knight-with-shield-1310863-639x1245
  5. Helmet of Salvation: He saved you because He loves you. Repay him with your good works, sacrifice to your God from your treasures. Don’t pay a tip in church, pay a sacrifice from time to time. Let the Spirit within you (salvation), direct your path as you earn and spend. You can’t give to everything, and everybody all the time BUT, don’t spend like water. Don’t go $50,000 into debt for a car because you don’t know the future AND you’ll put yourself into bondage when you were saved to be FREE. $$$ Savings (salvation) is the key to protecting your future. Try to save a little, it’s hard discipline for our culture. Don’t Co-sign for stuff, again you could end up in bondage for someone else’s debt. Try to live so that you don’t need 2-3 jobs to make it permanently, if temporarily, ok. Don’t try to raise a family, work full time, get your degree at the same time. Stay out of voluntary bondage, keep your freedom. Keep your helmet on, surround your thoughts with faith which is the opposite of fear. Talk to yourself in psalms, hymns, words of Christ-that’s your helmet. Keep your head surrounded with pleasant, peaceful, holy thoughts and you’ll get peace and joy. Easy to say, hard to do but worth it.


DB Hegler is a baby boomer being raised by a single teenage boy and a boxer named Rocky. She hosts a weekly business advice radio talk show on WJCU 88.7FM Wednesdays 12:30.  She’s a foodie who likes to laugh overshadowed by a wicked curiosity.  You can connect with her through email at: dbhegler@gmail.com

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