10 Tips for Marketing Your Business through Your Facebook Profile (Part 2)

10 Tips for Marketing Your Business
through Your Facebook Profile (Part 2)

Earlier in the week we had part one to this series on marketing through Facebook and today I’m going to share part two. It’s very important to remember that when sharing on your personal profile you have to make it look like a part of your everyday life. Facebook doesn’t like you to do business through your personal profile that’s why they have Facebook Pages available for businesses. So be very aware that Facebook could shut you down for this. For the prior post containing the first 5 tips click here.

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Tip #6. Don’t hesitate to create posts to your personal profile that are solely ads for your business.

This is an effective place to do that, because your friends already trust you. You have to build that trust in new contacts. Keep it in balance, though. Even your friends will lose interest in your Facebook posts if they are about nothing but your business. And reminder Facebook doesn’t like you doing business through your personal Facebook profile, so if all you’re posting are business ads, good chance is that you’re going to get shut down and lose your Facebook account, go to Facebook jail or get in trouble with Facebook somehow. 

7. Whatever the nature of post, if there is any connection to your business, include business contact info or a link to your website.

It’s important to always include a link to more information. It’s best if you don’t include a link to your company replicated website, but include a link to your own website where folks can learn more. You can blog about frequently asked questions, testimonials, certain products and so much more on your own website with no fears of being shut down by Facebook because it’s your own domain. And if you’re pointing people to your own domain then if you do get shut down by Facebook you’re not totally out because you’ve built that traffic to your site and built a name for yourself off of Facebook.

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8. Always work to find ways to include a “Call to Action.”

Whatever you are doing to promote your business on Facebook, asking the reader to take some action that will strengthen their connection to your business is essential. Some possibilities are links to take them to your website or Facebook Page, or to sign up for your mailing list to receive an informative report or other information. Any response to a Call to Action gives you more information about the prospect and presents an additional opportunity to make them a customer.

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9. Use images intensively.

A company logo, a photo of your place of business, or a photo of employees involved in some public service activity – any image like this draws more attention and gets more responses than text alone. Include text with, or even within, the image to further enhance its ability to create interest. Creating images is easier than it’s ever been, using tools like Canva and Pic Monkey or even Promo Republic (which I love) makes the process so much easier! If you’re not inclined to design your own graphics you can always hire someone to create them for you

Creating images is easier than it's ever been, using tools like Canva and Pic Monkey or even Promo Republic which I love! #graphicdesign #business #marketing Click To Tweet

10. Any professional certification or award is a subject of personal pride, but don’t overlook it as an opportunity to promote your business.

You can share that certification on your profile and link it to your business as a great tool for promotion. It’s a life event that has happened and you want to share that on your profile. There is nothing wrong with sharing these great milestones that happen in your life.

In marketing your business through Facebook, you have an entire suite of tools available. Don’t overlook the opportunities presented by your personal profile.

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