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10 Tips for Marketing Your Business through Your Facebook Profile (part 1)

10 Tips for Marketing Your Business through
Your Facebook Profile (Part 1)

The best way to market your business on Facebook is through a Facebook Page dedicated to that business. However, your personal Facebook Profile presents some marketing opportunities of its own. First and foremost, using your personal profile starts with personal relationships in building business relationships. You have to be super careful marketing your business through your personal profile though as Facebook frowns upon using your personal profile for business and prefers that you have a dedicated page to share your business posts on. 

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Tip #1. Let your friends know about your business.

Make posts that specifically focus on the business. You can put a lot of information in one post, but it would be more effective to go through a number of posts, spread out over time, with each having a tidbit of information. The multiple posts increase the chances that any particular friend will see the post.

You could focus on one area of the business and really go into details and share maybe 1-2 details each day in a live video or maybe a pre-recorded video. Video is really huge right now as a marketing tool. So write down a script and decide what you will discuss on your videos so that you’re not stumbling around.

Tip #2. When friends share your posts about your business and their friends Like or Comment on them, consider sending Friend Requests to those new contacts.

If they accept your Friend Request, you have new friends that will be seeing your posts regularly. If you share personal details on your profile be careful with this tip. Accepting new friends can be tricky when you don’t know them. People can pose to be anyone online and be people who they really are not. So do your research, check to see if you have people in common, research their profile, make sure it’s not super new and has some content before accepting any friend request.  

Tip #3. Use your ability to select whether each post can be seen by only Friends or by the Public to expand your ability to use your personal profile to interact with the Public.

If there are details in some of your posts that you prefer to keep private then ensure that you choose that privacy level on your posts. You can even create a custom audience for your posts. Your business contacts really don’t need to know every detail of your life. It’s great to share some details as it makes you more human and it creates community and a feeling of camaraderie with fellow business owners.


Tip #4. You should also Allow Follows.

When you Allow Follows to your personal profile, you don’t have to accept individuals as Friends to for them to see all of your public updates. You also won’t have your news feed cluttered with the updates of all of your followers. I actually just enabled this feature on my profile. This allows those that are not friends with you to see the posts that you have made public, so you can create business posts that are public and they can see those, but not your personal posts. So you can feel a little safer sharing pictures of your family or personal information among your personal friends and family. 

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Tip #5. Even personal posts can connect to your business.

Your business is a major part of your life, so it is natural that some of your personal posts will involve things that are happening in your business. Keep those posts personal for your friends, but don’t overlook the opportunities to promote your business subtly at the same time. You can share how being a Work-at-home-mom (dad) has allowed you the opportunity to be there for those special moments, or how your business has now provided the funds for you to go on that vacation or go on that special outing with your spouse or significant other or take your kids to Disney World. Share those special moments, you don’t have to do it in a spammy or salesy way, just share the moment and how you were able to do this through your business. 

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Abigail Kuhn is a Talent Empowering Business Coach and Business Designer who helps women to free themselves of the corporate world and begin living their dreams. Abigail has been in business for 15 years and knows that it takes hard work, determination and lots of sweat, tears and even sometimes blood (you know paper cuts) to be successful. Abigail Kuhn's signature program is 90 Days to Be Your Own Boss: Ditch Corporate and Work From Home. Abigail is mother to twin girls, proud wife of a Historical Whiz and Amazing Teacher and together they reside in the great state of North Carolina where they enjoy lots of great sunshine and sometimes a hurricane/tropical storm or two.

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