Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme

Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme

Today on the blog, I’m going to be talking about a recent theme that I helped put together for a community baby shower. It’s called Ready to Pop and it turned out really cute so I’ll share some of those pictures with you. Also the printables are available for purchase in our shop just follow this link and grab them for yourself!


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Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme- Ready more on Great theme to use for your upcoming Baby Shower Complete with downloadable DIY Printables in our Shop!

We began planning several months in advance of this epic community shower featuring 7 mommies who had very little support system and needed the help with welcoming their bundles of joy into the world. One mommy even delivered before the shower and got to bring her new bundle with her.

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You’ll want to begin your planning by choosing the date for your shower. Will you be planning a pre delivery shower (meaning before baby arrives) or a post delivery shower (after baby arrives)?

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Once the date is chosen you can start looking for the venue to host the event. Below are some questions to think about when thinking about choosing a venue for your shower:

  1. Is it going to be an intimate gathering? Just a few friends and family?
  2. How many guests will you have?
  3. What type of tables do you want round or long? (personally round tend to make it a bit easier to have conversations)
  4. Will you need a kitchen prep area?
  5. Do you want it to be inside or outside?
  6. Would you prefer a restaurant or an event space like a church fellowship hall or community hall?
  7. What type of budget do you have?

Download our Handy Venue Selection Sheet Here!

Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme- Read More on Grab our Venue Selection Checklist Printable for FREE!

Once you have the venue chosen now it’s time to plan the menu for the event!

Here are some questions to ask in regards to choosing your menu:

  1. What is my food budget for this event?
  2. Do we want to have finger foods or a full meal?
  3. Does the mother-to-be have certain food aversions/cravings?
  4. Will our venue have a Kitchen or will we have it catered?
  5. Will we have help if we are not catering?
    1. Will others be bringing foods?
    2. Will others be bringing beverages?
  6. How will we set up the food tables?

Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme - Read more on Use this checklist to help you choose your menu for the shower, even if you're having it catered. Download this Checklist here: Menu Selection Checklist

Now that you have the menu decided it’s time to get the invitations done and mailed, you’ll find that template in the packet you can purchase in our store! Here is the link for those! This package contains all the font names and sizes you’ll need to edit the blank invitation and make it look just like ours. 🙂 I suggest using PicMonkey to edit.

Now it’s time to think about how you will decorate the venue for the actual event. Below are some ideas, keep in mind these ideas are not original with myself and credit has been given to the original authors. I will include product links where I can.

Think about the individual tables and what you’ll use for centerpieces. I highly recommend going with a centerpiece that is simple and could also be used for a game prize if you wish that way it’s reusable and put to good use. For the community baby shower our centerpieces were diaper cakes from Kutie Patooties Gift Boutique! Ms. Sathya does a beautiful job with her diaper cakes and she can create cakes with any theme, color and meet any decor you need. She takes custom orders. You can check out what she has to offer right here.


Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme - Read more on Find out how you can plan a beautiful Baby Shower for the mommy-to-be on a DIY budget!

You can also have on of these adorable Ready to Pop balloons attached the cake to add some height.

  Use these lanterns to add some flair


Here are some ideas from Pinterest on Decor:

I highly recommend looking on Pinterest for ideas and don’t forget to follow me while you’re there! I share more than just event stuff, I like to pin outfit inspiration, recipes, home decor and more. But I do keep my boards organized so you can choose to follow just the event boards and I’m always adding more!


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