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Website accessibility means that every website, especially eCommerce stores, can accommodate all users. No matter what device they are using, their language, their age, or their mental ability, every person must be able to use a website for it to be successful. Without accessibility, a website will not rank as […]

Why Website Accessibility Matters to Successful Businesses

WAHMs need to learn the finer art of networking Getting your WAHM business off the ground can be tough. At any given time, you might be competing with thousands of other businesses who are also trying to get attention for their own businesses. How can you make yours stand out? […]

WAHMs need to learn the finer art of networking

Examine your skills: What can you turn into a WAHM business? Examining my skills was exactly how I got my start in the world of virtual assistance 2 years ago. I enjoy what I do, and I love that I can do it from home!   As you think about […]

Examine your skills: What can you turn into a WAHM ...

Podcast Show
Announcing the Virtual Assistant Dream Team Podcast Show!We will be discussing all things entrepreneur on the podcast show, please spread the word and plan to join us! You can listen to episodes of the podcast show right here on our blog, or over on Blog Talk Radio at www.iplannerandcompany.com/podcast

So Why Should I Freelance & How?

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3 Ways to Have a Presence as a Freelancer Besides Job Boards where you may get contract jobs quickly, you need to of course have your own web presence including a blog. 1. Blogging Blogging is one of the best ways to start a Freelancer business because it is so […]

3 Ways to Have a Web Presence as a Freelancer

How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer Do you know what to do to successfully market yourself as a freelancer? Do you know how to find your niche that you can enter to create long lasting and highly profitable business partnerships? In order for you to succeed there must be […]

How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer

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Being Your Own Boss Does Not Mean The Boss Gets It Easy. Freelancing allows you to be your own boss. This means you make your own hours. Wear what you want. Does your current job have a dress code? How does sitting in your pajamas all day sound; what about […]

Being Your Own Boss…