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7 Ways Successful People Manage Their Work-Life Balance

Working constantly to attain a livelihood achievement is regularly prioritized above any intellectual and individual obligation. Maybe it’s not easy to find the balance in work and life in our early stages, but it’s better to figure it out for our life long happiness. We are always connected with the world through electronic gadgets, which often create pressure on us unreasonably. To achieve healthy work-life balance, we need to actually plan life’s day to day affairs and routine. We should know how to use our energy in a right way throughout the day. Here we will go through some of the tips, which will help us to keep work and life balanced.

Work Life Balance

Way #1: Stay Fit

Yes, we might have heard this! A person should be physically fit to be in the race of life. We need to move our body every day to keep ourselves fit. Physical fitness is connected to our mental strength also. Continuous fitness system boosts our productivity, self-assurance, and toughness. If we are physically and mentally strong our decisions will be always correct. We need to maintain proper diet if we want to enhance our productivity throughout the eight hours we work. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. It’s use instead of stress relief make us more stressed at a later stage. We should use our evenings for fun love events, which will release our stress and increase our mental clarity.

Way #2: Set the Goals

Setting a reasonable goal is the most vital factor in our life. Setting a goal makes us work for it. Working without a goal is like walking aimlessly! Once we set a goal, we should also make a clear road map that takes us to the goal comfortably. We should have milestones to reach different stages. We should share our goals and milestones with our family so that they know what we are up to and can help us to achieve it. We should always discuss these matters with our partner and to the near ones at home. Community living is also very much required for a balanced life. So interaction with others is equally important to our life keep work and life balanced. Victorious people never attain goal on your own.

Way #3: Dealing with Home Matters

Some studies show that we are more stressed subjects at home than in the office. People who are more successful will never let their work pressure to sneak into their family life. They will have an obvious chart to beat the stress that comes from all directions. Stress at work is completely diverse from home matters. At work, the decisions are made according to the job requirement and policies where no emotional bonding is required. Home affairs are more complicated because we need to consider the whole family. If the work pressure creeps into our personal life, we have the option to quit the job. But the same cannot be applied in family life! A positive approach towards life and maintaining calmness will help a lot in managing the stress at home and work. We can cite many examples of famous personalities who have successfully maintained a happy home and work life.

Way #4: Work Smart

The proverb ‘hard work pays’ has become irrelevant now. Earlier we never had support from the electronic technologies. Now we live in a world where we can do almost everything with technology. We should know how to delegate our works. Time management is a vital aspect to consider in our professional and personal life. Technology gives us more organized work and time management gives us the leisure time.

Way #5: Use the Word ‘No’ wisely

We should learn to say ‘No’ when required in official and personal life. We cannot please everyone in the society. Sometimes by not saying ‘No’ we end up taking a lot of unnecessary pressure. Unnecessary anxiety and tension lead to depression. When we start loving and respecting ourselves, we will start loving the profession and family more.

Way #6: Holidays and Meditation

Holidays are essential to a sane working mind. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, it is necessary that we take enough holidays. Holidays refresh our body and soul, which helps us to think rationally. Being open to nature really rejuvenates our body for the next race. Meditation or motivating speeches from our guru or a teacher can be really energizing. Holiday is as important as work. The more we work without breaks, the less productive we get. Overloaded work pressure affects the family too. We must read books. Our learning process should continue until the end of our life. That generates a Positive aura in us that keeps us sane and productive.

Way #7: On-Off Mode

Develop an intellectual on-off mode between office and home. It helps to create a transitional motion between the two realms. This includes your workout, hobbies, personal appointments, and family outings too. We should never take home our office work and pressure. We need to maintain a professional life that does not interfere with the personal life and vice versa to make sure we are able to maintain a healthy relationship in both. It might seem a little difficult but definitely is possible with a little effort. To start with, you can get yourself a personal number and phone and keep the work phone away while you are with the family. Similarly, you can keep your home phone away while at work. Give clear instructions at the office and home not to call up the other number unless it is a grave situation.

It is also very important to have genuine relationships, both at workplace and home. Having healthy relations with our colleagues and family gives us an additional hold on all issues. In the office, we may have too many pressures to deal with. But if the relationship is genuine, stress can be dissolved.

It’s better to have a dinner or tea with colleagues for an official discussion. This will lead to a productive session. Maintaining a good rapport with everyone reduces the stress at work. At home, eating dinner or breakfast together with the whole family is a good routine to follow. You can use this time to discuss important matters with the family and listen to what they have to say. Haven’t you heard the proverb ‘the family that eats together, stays together’!


Life has become mechanical because of high competition and technology. To live, we need to work; there is no substitution for it! But to work productively, we need to live peacefully too. We need to know how to strike the right work-life balance to be productive, successful and sane. It is possible by practicing the above-mentioned policies to the core.

Author-bio: Levin George is a Search Engine Optimizer at OfficeRock.com. He actively pursues interests related to latest internet marketing trends. He spends his leisure time reading, meditating and enjoying the joys of technology.

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