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Editor’s Note: We are happy to have Denise Roseland from Changemaker Consulting as our guest poster on the blog today! 


I consider it to be a modern miracle if I make it through an entire day on social media without seeing someone talking about making plans for their biz in 2016.

Don’t get me wrong.

This #strategygeek loves a good business plan. And I consider it truly essential to have one if you want to move from chaos and uncertainty to growth and freedom in your business.

I’ve even mentioned my own planning in a comment or two. [And I’m cooking up something to help women who want a little help planning their best biz year yet. More on that coming soon.]

I just wonder if maybe there’s more talk about planning than anything.

I suspect that plans get made and then shelved for many entrepreneurs. Or that they talk about planning because everyone is talking about planning but don’t actually DO planning.

And I wonder why there’s such a focused look to next year when there are still 6 weeks in 2015 to make things happen NOW.

So this post is for you, sister if you started this year with big plans for your biz but somewhere, things didn’t turn out that way. It’s for you if your biz just isn’t hitting the mark you’d hoped.

With genuine sisterly love, I invite you to take a few minutes now to FORGIVE yourself.

Yes. Forgive. Yourself.

You see, I hear it all the time…the unspoken shame women feel when they dream big and fall short. The embarrassment. The sense of failure…all bubbling below the surface or cloaked in a million reasons (some might even say excuses).

And when you silently carry around that shame, that disappointment, that embarrassment, it dulls your shine in the here and now. It drives you to play small…to play it safe. To stop reaching. To stop dreaming big.

So will you take just a few moments now to recognize those thoughts are not reality?

That they are NOT truly you.

That your dreams and big ideas can’t breathe, and dance, and thrive when you surround them with the poisonous air of your doubts and shame.

If you are like me [and the women I’ve worked with], you probably beat yourself routinely with at least one of these [false] beliefs and it’s time to truly forgive yourself for:

  1. The chances you didn’t take
  2. Whatever it is that you still don’t know
  3. The mistakes you’ve made
  4. The big goals you didn’t achieve
  5. All the ways in which you are not enough

It’s time to stop letting these beliefs define you.

Each moment, each day, each week, each year you have the power to start fresh. And the real power is in the decision to forgive yourself for the things that didn’t work the way you thought they should.

So what about you? Are you doing biz plans for next year?

Can you take a moment to forgive yourself first? Truly forgive yourself? To reconnect with your wise self and your big-hearted dreamer?

After you do, sit down and make planning playful. And season it with the best of you.

If you find you get stuck putting a plan together or you feel like the plans you’ve made never work out, I invite you to sign up here to get powerful and playful tips each week for the rest of the year that help you plan your thriving biz.

12395425_1030353793653668_56604429_n.jpgDenise is an entrepreneurial strategist that helps women go from struggling start-up to soul-fueled thriving mini-empires by getting clear on their purpose, getting confident about their value, and tapping into the systems and habits of successful changemakers.

You can visit her blog here

Connect with her on

Twitter @changemkr

Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ChangemakerConsulting

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/rose0613/ and http://www.pinterest.com/beachangemaker/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/beachangemaker/


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Abigail Kuhn is a Talent Empowering Business Coach and Business Designer who helps women to free themselves of the corporate world and begin living their dreams. Abigail has been in business for 15 years and knows that it takes hard work, determination and lots of sweat, tears and even sometimes blood (you know paper cuts) to be successful. Abigail Kuhn's signature program is 90 Days to Be Your Own Boss: Ditch Corporate and Work From Home. Abigail is mother to twin girls, proud wife of a Historical Whiz and Amazing Teacher and together they reside in the great state of North Carolina where they enjoy lots of great sunshine and sometimes a hurricane/tropical storm or two.


  1. love this! I think number 4, not achieving the big goals are one of the most important things to forgive yourself on no matter what you do in life.

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective. 🙂

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