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Bounce Rate

4 Tips On How To Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Website

4 Tips On How To Reduce
Bounce Rate on Your Website

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When it comes to digital marketing, you want to look at all the metrics to ensure success. An important measure of the effectiveness of your website is the bounce rate. Sadly, many web administrators, marketers and owners tend to neglect this aspect. A high bounce rate indicates that there’s something wrong with your website that needs to get fixed ASAP. Perhaps your website is slow, incompatible with mobile platforms, has a poor design layout, HTTPS mixed-content warnings, bad navigation, etc.

Bounce Rate

High bounce rate means your visitors are leaving your website after viewing only one page. Your goal is to lower this number by optimizing your site for quality page visits and a better conversion rate. Here let’s take a look at some ways to reduce your website bounce rate now.

1. Target the right audience

Sure, a high traffic is every web administrator’s dream. But more than just page visits, you want to cater to the right kinds of users. Make sure your content is useful and valuable to your intended audience. You should deliver content that appeals to their interests and needs. Keyword optimization is crucial in attracting high-value website visitors.

If your website is about gardening supplies, you need to optimize your website by using keywords specifically related to gardening supplies. Your website visitors should be able to find information about this stuff. Avoid optimizing keywords that are not related to gardening. Aside from being a waste of your SEO efforts, you also don’t provide value to your visitors which can contribute to your high bounce rate. Usually, improper use of keywords results in high bounce rates on the homepage and landing pages.

Bounce Rate

If you’re implementing email marketing campaigns, make sure that you have a good contact list so you can only get high-value website visitors. You do not want to attract bot accounts to visit your website. Use of an email validator can help filter out potentially bad leads.

2. Show the right content to new visitors

It’s important that you welcome and greet visitors. Use of ‘audience targeting’ tools can help effectively engage new visitors by showing them appropriate content. Another good way of engaging them is by showing targeted messages before they leave your site. This should persuade them to a call-to-action without adversely affecting their website experience.

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3. Revamp your site navigation

Visitors leaving your site before opening another page are counted as bounces. There are two reasons why visitors leave your website abruptly; either they’ve found the info they’re looking for or they didn’t find what they are looking for. It is important that you engage visitors and persuade them to read further through your site.

Your website homepage and navigation should be designed to cater to your visitors. It should be visually appealing and user-friendly, making sure you’re using appropriate spacing properly. Use of graphics is essential in conveying your message or production. Always add persuasive call-to-actions. Don’t forget to add a contact form to stay in touch with your readers and potential clients.

Visitors prefer websites with simple, straightforward navigation. Just like you, visitors don’t want to waste their time deciphering your homepage. Make sure your website creates an impression that it is welcoming and navigable so that visitors aren’t turned off.

4. Mobile compatibility

According to Statista.com, mobile internet traffic accounts for 51.2 percent of web page views. Given this statistics, you want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use. Websites with high bounce rates are likely not yet compatible with mobile platforms.

Take note that web users have billions of other options out there. If your website is hard to navigate using their mobile gadgets, there’s a high chance that they will leave your site. This will definitely hurt your website bounce rate.

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