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Facebook Marketing

10 Tips for Marketing Your Business with Facebook Pages (Part 2)

10 Tips for Marketing Your
Business with Facebook Pages (Part 2)

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a commission when purchases are made through these links. Thanks in advance for your support of my business and this blog!

6. Post on your personal Facebook Profile to acquaint your friends with your Facebook Page.

Ask them to Like your Facebook Page. (Another Call to Action!) It’s okay to include your friends and family in this part of building your business page, who knows they may even be interested enough to buy what you are offering. Plus even if it is your mom who is showing up to your Facebook live videos at least you’ll have someone live to talk to! 

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Facebook Marketing

7. Through your Page, connect with Facebook Groups that have the interests that you expect your customers will have.

There is no better way to increase your business’ exposure quickly. You can even create a group and connect it to your page as an admin to direct your “tribe” to and then use that to build a network of people who are on board with what you are doing. This creates a community of people who can learn from each other, gather to network, and even support you in launches and such. 


8. Start posting and do it often.

You increase the chances of any given Facebook fan seeing your post when you post at least two or three times per day. It is super important to be consistent in posting. Throw in some Facebook live videos and engage your followers even more because video is super hot right now. It’s also okay to post things that engage your followers such as the posts screen shots below. 

Facebook Marketing
Click the picture to check out Sherri-Lee Woycik at Social Media Minder on Facebook.

This helps to bring attention to your page and also provides some different content than strictly promotional. It gives off that you’re human just like anyone else and not all business, you have a humorous side too.

9. Do not post only ads on your page.

Your main reason for creating the page is to increase your business, but an advantage of Facebook over most marketing tools is the ability to build a relationship with prospects. Give them reasons to like you. Give them entertaining and informative posts, as well as ads. 

I like to use the 80-20 rule. That is 80% value packed posts meaning you’re giving the audience tips, great stuff they can use, not marketing during that 80%, then the other 20% is marketing. So, make sure you’re sprinkling the marketing posts throughout the value and not clustering it during your week. Not sure what to post? Check out Promo Republic they give suggestions and have loads of great posts ready made to share on social media.


10. Allow others to post to your Page.

This provides an opportunity for two-way communication with prospects – another step in building a relationship rather than merely dispensing ads. There are options available to provide monitoring so you can protect your page from inappropriate language, for example.

You can also allow others to tag your page which is great for if you want people to write a review of your programs, services on their social media to gain more exposure and drive traffic to your page! There are basically unlimited possibilities here, so dream big, get your idea out there and start marketing through social media. Start mingling with those on social media, but don’t forget you do need to be careful.

Start with your Facebook Page to grow brand awareness and respect from visitors to your Page. This one tool can start an exponential growth spurt.

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